We have External Auditors, therefore we don’t need a Forensic Auditor – wrong.

Some customers will confidently tell you they don’t need a Forensic Auditor because they are on top of their bank reconciliation. Welcome to church. Listen up folks, there is a big difference between the job we do and what your Internal/External Auditors do.

Not long ago, we were speaking to someone who was reluctant to deal because “they had Internal and External Auditors.” When we eventually managed to secure the brief, the bank refunded excess/illegal charges of >N50m to this customer. That’s what I’m talking about. Imagine what they would have missed if they did not hire us.

Here’s why you need a Forensic Auditor…

  • You lose nothing
  • Unique Expertise
  • Zero Upfront Fee
  • Boost your profitability

1. Nothing to lose

What do you lose by having an expert review your bank loans for excess charges? Nothing. Instead, you have everything to gain. For instance, assuming we don’t get to discover any excess/illegal charges, you are reassured that your bankers are doing the right thing…that’s peace of mind.

2. Unique Expertise

For this we were made manifest. It may interest you to know that unlike regular Accountants and Auditors, a Forensic Auditor is specifically trained for this purpose. That is why at BVA Partners Inc., we have a special annointing to get you the best possible result, every single time. It is who we are.

Let me break your heart. No amount of internal reconciliation can tell whether a bank has overcharged you or not. And if you think you have the best finance/accounting team, you are not alone.

Many of our clients thought so too. But when we refunds started coming in from left, right and center on account of our forensic  audit, they not only had to rethink their earlier position, but they started introducing their friends and associates to BVA Partners.

3. Zero Fee

The customer is not expected to pay any fee for this service other than the agreed percentage of total amount refunded. While some Forensic Auditors insist that customers pays a Commitment Fee upront (which is key by the way), we don’t.

4. Profitability

Some banks feed on their customers’ gullibility or ignorance which should not be. But when the bank understands that there is someone  on the side reviewing your account on a regular basis, they become extremely careful with your account. Ultimately, you are in a much stronger position to manage your business for better performance…and yes…expansion.

Make that call today, not tomorrow.

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