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“A banking relationship shouldn't be a zero sum game...”
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“Think you're losing money to the banks? Get a Forensic Auditor”
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Our Financial Services

Our financial services are essentially designed to help clients deal with the numerous risks associated with bank borrowing which range from perennial struggle with liquidity, poor performance or outright collapse.

Recovery Of Excess Bank Charges

We leverage our banking experience to ensure that clients don’t lose too much money on account of their borrowing. This we have done successfully over the last few years

Recovery Of Lost Income On Investments / Fixed Deposits

We also rely on our vast experience to dig in and ensure that every lost income of the client is fully recovered. Again, this is an area we have recorded huge success.

Debt Recovery

BVA Partners is very big on Debt Recovery. In 2018, we were appointed as Debt Recovery Agents by the defunct Diamond Bank and we helped them recover bad debts of over N500MiIIion.


About BVA PartnersOur Business Profile

BVA Partners Limited is a private limited liability company registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission with head office in Lagos and presence in major commercial centers across Nigeria.

Our major area of focus is Forensic Audit of bank transactions to identify errors and mistakes in customers’ accounts, excess bank charges on loans, validate outstanding balances, determine unpaid or underpaid interest on fixed deposits, ascertain all duplicated deductions or transactions if any, as well as establish excess interest charges caused by system hitches, etc.

We started operations in 2014 as a Financial Consultancy with a dynamic group of vastly experienced professionals in Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Business Management, and Commercial Law.

Apart from our undisputed and widely acclaimed professional expertise, our unique banking industry experience places us in the best position to deliver the best outcome for our clients on a CONSISTENT basis.

Why Choose BVA Partners

There is a reason why within a very short period of time, many reputable brands across industries chose BVA Partners as their number one Financial Business Partner. It is because they realize that we are not only the best, but we consistently improve in order to deliver better.


We have assembled a team of highIy experienced professionals equipped to deliver the best results for our clients on a consistent basis.
As former bankers who worked in the industry for several years across different financial institutions, we know exactly how to do it and where to look.


At BVA Partners, we are extremely passionate about what we do, and we never compromise. For us Integrity is everything. We mean what we say, and we say what we mean. No doubt, there are stories out there about how some unscrupulous consultants sometimes engage in backhand deals with banks to undermine their clients…


Because we understand that time is of essence to our customers, we go out of our way to ensure that every job is given premium attention from start to finish. Average delivery time for out jobs from the moment we are given the information to work with is ninety (90) days or less.


We have a team of highly-skilled experts who have acquired decades of on-the-job experience in top Nigerian banks including Fidelity Bank, Access Banh, Guaranty Trust Bank, Zenith Bank, United Banx for Africa, FCMB, to mention just a few. Our global perspective makes it often almost impossible for banks to get away whenever we present any claim.


Our service is at zero cost to the customer because we will be paid only from the money we recover from the bank. While other consultants typically charge more, we only request for a small percentage of any amount recovered. This helps us to among other things cover for expenses on transport, hotel bills, telephone, internet services, salaries and other administrative expenses.


We do not joke with our customers’ information. Therefore, we have internal measures in place to ensure that customers’ records are accessible only to authorized officers of the company.


We are extremely professional, courteous and non-confrontational in the way and manner we execute every project, because we always like to see our clients maintain good business relationship with their bankers even after we are gone.

Strategic Industry Contacts

We are often able to get our jobs concluded on time and successfully through the help of useful contacts. This is why BVA is the best option for customers who want speed because we have the fastest delivery timeline in the industry. BVA has the full buy-in of key industry stakeholders and regulators -Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Bankers’ Committee on Ethics and Professionalism, SEC etc.

Results Oriented

Since inception, we have made a total recovery of nearly N7 billion for clients across different commercial banks, Microfinance Banks, Mortgage Banks, Stockbrokers, as well as other financial institutions in Nigeria.


Executive Management

BVA Partners is a frontrunner in this industry because we have the best available talents who continue to demonstrate capacity and delivers spectacular results on a consistent basis.


Yes they do. In fact, a recent CBN report disclosed that illegal charges refunded by Nigerian banks to their customers between 2019 and 2020 was roughly N289Billion.

  • When you start receiving dubious debit alerts.
  • When your relationship manager starts getting unusually friendly.
  • When the bank stops sending your account statement regularly
  • Demand for your bank statement immediately. It’s your right.
  • Get in touch with a Forensic Auditor asap.

Forensic Auditors are experts specially trained to validate all debit transactions occurring in your bank accounts.

Many Forensic Auditors are Chartered Accountants and former bank employees with good understanding of the regulatory environment having worked mostly as Information System Auditors, IT Auditors and Compliance Officers.

As a business that operates with bank facilities, you definitely need Forensic Auditors because their job starts from where your Internal Auditors and Accountants stop.

They go beyond merely checking for proper classification of debit transactions (which is basically what most Accountants do) by thoroughly scrutinizing and questioning every single debit or charge in your bank statements in line with approved CBN guidelines.

What’s more?

You don’t pay any fee upfront.

No? Clients are not required to pay any fee upfront and many will not. Your Forensic Auditor will typically ask for a percentage (%) of any amount recovered from the bank.

And this is payable only when the bank has credited your account. Anyone who insists on collecting a fee from you upfront is probably a joker.

However, when a new customer walks in based on the recommendation of a satisfied customer, we will most likely ask for a token (Consultation Fee).

  • Letter of Appointment
  • Letter of Authority
  • Bank statements (soft copies)
  • Executed loan offer letters
  • Rate review letters
  • Not more than Sixty (60) days under normal circumstances. In exceptional cases, it could take a little longe

Yes, they will because they have no choice. In fact, they are also required, by CBN, to issue a written apology to the customer.

Within the last twelve (12) months, we got a refund of over N3Billion for our customers

  • Loan waivers/write-offs/full and final
  • Failed POS transactions
  • Failed ATM transactions
  • Failed internet banking transfers
  • Fraudulent transactions: Investigation and resolution

We make sure to present only valid claims. Therefore, banks hardly ever refuse to refund our clients.

However, should a bank decline our claim without justification, there is always the option of seeking regulatory intervention through either of the following;

  • Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Bankers’ Committee on Ethics & Professionalism

No serious bank will ever do this. Their biggest source of income is from the interest customers pay on loans. And it is tough for most banks to find good customers with viable businesses to lend to.

Lets Get Started With Your Bank Issues Today?

Contact us now and be rest assured for a succeful refund.

Lets Get Started With Your Bank Issues Today?

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