Quit complaining, get on board and let’s make magic happen!

Scenario 1

A guy who was employed as a Relationship Manager in a bank spent the next ten years working his ass out. Within two years of joining the bank, he almost single-handedly turned around the fortunes of his branch. O f course he got rewarded through occasional promotions and salary increases. Guess what happened afterwards when he could no longer deliver at the rate he was previously? He got fired!

Scenario 2

Funke (not real name) was doing fantastically well as Branch Leader in a bank we know. In fact, she won the Manager-of-the-month award back-to-back for three months consecutively. But that did not stop the bank from sacking her when she failed to achieve her targets in the 4th month. Yes, you read me, she was fired!

Employers are typically the same

The two scenarios above clearly show that the employers we “kill” ourselves for hardly care about us, especially if you don’t belong to their cabal. In short, the world does not care about anybody. How difficult is it to understand that? Look, whether you agree with this or not, your SUCCESS or FAILURE is entirely your responsibility. So get the hell up and make sure you’re doing something useful with your life.

Everywhere I worked, the one thing that I could never joke with was my personal development. Call it personal interest if you like but hey, it’s my life first. I must be alive to be a good employee, do you agree? That’s what I’m talking about.

Find what you love

Imagine earning an income doing something you ordinarily love to do even if nobody was going to pay you. A lot of people today across the world make tons of cash off their hobbies.

Cartoon businessman balancing work and life Vector Image

So for instance, as a fitness freak, you love to go to the gym on a regular. You have a great shape and nearly every babe in your street wants a date with you. You are on a high. One day, a secret admirer puts out a video of your gym session on social media/internet and the next day, you start receiving calls from people you’ve never met before to become their Fitness Consultant/Trainer. How cool is that? And remember, this is just one scenario out of a thousand and one.

Join us and let’s make magic happen

Our business model is very simple, and anyone regardless of sex, religion, location, background, academic qualification, or work experience can make a decent income through partnering with us. It’s as simple as introducing a client to us and waiting for your bank alert.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Introduce a client – you would have alomost fully convinced the client to deal.
  2. We will carry out a Forensic Audit and write the bank to refund all excess charges to the customer.
  3. The bank refunds and customer pays our agreed fee.
  4. You get your bank alert same day, no stories.


Since you lost your job, all you’ve done is complain, lament,  and curse about how you were poorly treated. But this certainly can’t get you anywhere near where you need to be. Instead, it’s a sure recipe for more pain, misery, heartbreak, depression, and illness. Some have even died or developed serious health conditions. Meanwhile, those we lose sleep about are being named GMDs and COOs all over the place.

Beloved, we have the power to significantly “control” our destinies. Let’s not hand it over to other people.

And let’s do it when we can because despite having already wasted enough time, the music is not over yet!



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