How we rescued a customer who nearly had his two shops sold

In 2015, a customer of Diamond Bank (now Access Bank) approached us and wanted us to do a forensic audit of his account. This customer had earlier taken a N4million overdraft which grew to about N6.5million with two years. The man was worried that instead of his laon balance reducing, it was rather growing despite the fact the he was repaying regularly.

Meanwhile, the moment Diamond Bank decided to recover their money, they put up his two shops which served as collateral for sale. Luckily, the bank could not find a serious buyer until we stepped in. Upon conclusion of our audit, we found that customer was overcharged to the tune of N7.5million which the bank refunded without much ado.

In the end, customer not only had his outstanding wiped off, he also had extra cash to do pay our fee.

So imagine for a minite that we didn’t get involved, this man would have become a destitute by now. Therefore, anyone who has aproblem with their bank charges is advised to always speak to a Forensic Auditor as quickly as possible.

BVA Partners is always happy to help!

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