Common mistakes by customers you should avoid

1. They think the bank is doing them a favor

Wrong. The bank is not doing you any favor. In fact, you are the one doing the bank a favor. Why? Because if you don’t take their loans, that money is going to stay idle in their hands and they will not make any profits.

Have you taken time to consider the reason Nigerian banks make a lot of money? It’s because of the huge interest businesses pay on their loans. So you see, without the customer taking a loan, the bank doesn’t make money.

2. They fail to audit their bank charges

A lot of people don’t believe that a bank can make a “mistake” in their computations/charges. Again wrong. Anybody can make a mistake. It is human beings who run these banks and therefore we all make mistakes. But some of these “mistakes” are really not mistakes.

Why will a bank make mistakes to overcharge you, but never makes a mistake to over pay you. See what I mean?

3. They trust their RMs way too much

Trust is good but control is better. This was my former MD’s mantra. You don’t trust your Account Officer to the point where they become …fill in the gap. It’s insane how some customers are unable to take basic decisions about their bank accounts without “consulting” with their Account Officers. Isorite.

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